You are probably thinking wait a minute. If her initials are AMC then why the heck is her business AMS. Well I will tell ya.... its because I just got married! 

I married the man I met in 5th grade. After over a decade of knowing one another and 5 years of officially dating I vowed my life and heart to the man of my dreams. If you follow me on instagram, which I highly suggest doing if you don't already, then you have seen countless photos, stories and videos of this amazing man. I am very lucky to be Mrs. Clements. Hunter is truly my biggest support and my best fan. He cheers me on and takes on all my crazy ideas and even gets excited for all my adventures, even the ones he doesn't get to tag along for. He is such a wonderful man. 

But I am not just a wife..

My heart honestly belongs in every single city in the world. I have always been a huge fan of traveling. The minute I was on a plane and visited a small town in Cali when I was younger I knew I would have a heart for traveling everywhere as I got older. And here I am, living out an actual dream of traveling all around the world to capture stories. The places listed above are the states/cities I have been to just for work alone. This list will get bigger with each year and I cannot wait to add to it as time passes and my travel heart becomes fuller and fuller. 

Check out my travel page to see my 2022 travel dates and see if I will be near you soon. As well as a list of places I want to visit and take photos in and learn how you could get your shoot for half off if we go to one of those epic locations!

New York
Nashville, TN

Travel Dates

As a kid my imagination was always WILD. I loved getting creative and still do to this day. The moment I picked up a camera and captured my first story I knew right then and there that this is what I was made to do. And with each story I have captured the fire inside me to capture more continues to ignite. Capturing your story is my passion and I will forever love the art of storytelling with my camera and creativity. 

so beyond thankful you are here and considering me to be the one to capture your story. I promise to capture these moments for you with the same love and energy that you have put in. I cannot wait to meet and chat. So thankful and blessed you're here. Lets do the damn thing...